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Kids LOVE indoor play equipment and Montessori play frames - Goodevas are a brand we love and trust for these fabulous products.

Whoever said that climbing frames were exclusively for outdoor play? Montessori play structures have become more and more popular over the last few years, and it's easy to see why; a great outlet for pent-up energy (especially in the winter) and a fabulous way to hone strength, balance and agility, these play structures can also be incorporated into imaginative play as well as lasting for many years. Goodevas are a brand who've taken the Montessori toy market by storm with their fantastic range, and it's safe to say that we're big fans here at Bump, Baby & You!


Who are Goodevas?

Established in Ukraine in 2020, Goodevas is a European brand with global warehouses. With their strong focus on the benefits of natural play for children and wonderful products, it's safe to say that their popularity is skyrocketing! Here's their personal story...

"Goodevas was brought to life by three long-standing friends and joyous parents. With our own families at the heart of our motivation, our aim has always been to contribute positively to the happiness of every child's childhood.

We introduced our first children’s products under the Goodevas brand in 2020, starting in the scenic heartland of Eastern Europe, Ukraine's capital city - Kyiv.

We cooperate with experienced manufacturers and this approach ensures the highest quality. Our relentless pursuit of excellence helps us create the best products in close cooperation with our R&D manufacturing department.

In 2020, we took personal control of every stage of the Goodevas production process. Our desire to bring our products closer to you has led us to maintain a balance of stock in our warehouses in the US, Europe and the UK.

The Goodevas Brand Philosophy: our vision is to foster happiness, holistic health, agility, independence, and curiosity in every child through our products. We believe in creating an environment that promotes both physical and psychological growth for children, which led us to the idea of incorporating active play elements, including swings, in our product range.

Quality, safety, aesthetic appeal, and a joyous user experience are our core values, and we continuously strive to enhance these aspects in our products. Our children, the greatest critics and fans, have been daily users of Goodevas' range of products over the years, each with their own favorites.

But this is just the beginning. Our plans include continual innovation and the creation of fresh, captivating products for children worldwide, prioritizing their physical and psychological well-being. Let’s join hands to create a healthier, happier future for our children! Our multifaceted team includes:

  • Skilled artisans in product manufacturing.
  • Quality control and inventory management experts.
  • Creative minds behind the brand concept and new sales channels.
  • Dedicated customer service and delivery coordinators.

Together, we strive to make a difference in the lives of children, one product at a time."

What products do Goodevas sell?

Goodevas specialise in Montessori play products and furniture; wooden climbers and arches, indoor gym sets, playhouses and so much more. Everything is made to an impeccably high standard using eco-friendly materials, and there's so much to choose from so it was seriously difficult for us to pick out our absolute favourite Goodevas products!

Our favourite Goodevas products...


What's not to love?! There's huge play sets and climbing frames for more spacious playrooms, and smaller individual items like climbing arches which take up less space and could form part of a book nook for your little reader. These Goodevas Montessori play structures promise to provide fun and games for years to come, and you could even save them for future little siblings to enjoy too. 

  1. Buy the Indoor Wooden Playhouse*
  2. Buy the Climbing Arch Chocolate* 
  3. Buy the Indoor Wooden Playground for Children*
  4. Buy the 5in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set*
What postage do Goodevas offer?

Goodevas provide free worldwide shipping, which we love! All taxes are included in the price for the USA, Canada, the UK, and the EU. For all other countries, you should know that DHL (or your local carrier) will send you a customs invoice once the product arrives in your country. 

Can I follow Goodevas on social media?

You can follow Goodevas on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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